Transaction Services

Advising you on the best options available that works for your business needs


Let our business consultants advise you on the best options available in Singapore that work best according to your business needs.

Our Transaction Services team comprises of specialists in due diligence and sector experts who have years of experience in transactions with companies, private equity investors and capital markets. Each of our team members is focused on understanding, identifying and communicating key drivers, risks and opportunities that impact your business deals.

Our expertise and experience helps meet your strategic objectives and makes the best out from negotiation opportunities and minimises risks.

Our advise and different transaction services are tailored to your unique transaction requirements. We also deliver bespoke reports that are prepared by sector experts and due diligence specialists. Our reports provide ideas and useful actionable insights that help your company complete successful deals and transactions.

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Our Transaction Services includes:

  • Due diligence.
  • Deal execution.
  • Vendor due diligence.
  • Providing bank signatories as an internal control over your organisation’s payment processing by acting as an independent party to the transaction, holding assets in escrow and disbursing them quickly and securely according to the terms of the agreement.
  • Settling your organisation’s payment obligations.
  • Accounts receivable solutions.

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