Enabling entrepreneurs to grow their companies through providing top business guidance, and consultative advisory for personal wealth and investment management



At JWB Consultancy, we provide full corporate and business consulting services, such as full range of astute strategic insights and comprehensive business solutions and C-Suite perspectives.

Our team of business consultants have diverse expertise and experiences to help you in both personal and business needs.


Our Services

JWB Consultancy was created so that entrepreneurs like you, can better understand the complexities and dynamics of setting up and running any forms of business.

With our extensive experience and knowledge in the full spectrum of setting up and managing businesses, we are capable of guiding you in every step of your entrepreneur journey.

We can help you in the following main areas:


Accounting & Tax

Our team of accounting professionals are equipped with the expertise and knowledge to assist your company in all accounting solutions and reporting needs, such as financial reporting, budgeting and forecast, and compliance with reporting standards.

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Business Advisory

We analyse every aspects of your business to help improve your company efficiency and functions. We give customised audit to ensure that your company complies with statutory regulations and we’ll provide insights  into specific needs of your business.

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Corporate Services

We have many years of experience providing integrated corporate secretarial services. This has garnered us a great reputation as being the leading corporate secretarial service provider for our clients

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Fund Administration

We aim to provide fund managers with a fully integrated fund outsourcing solution that is customised to your business needs. Client can offload their fund’s back office functions to a knowledgeable service provider, freeing them to focus on asset raising and portfolio management.

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Risk & Compliance

We provides a holistic approach of advisory and consulting services in governance, risk and compliance (GRC) solutions, enabling businesses and enterprises to achieve their objectives. Other than risk mitigation, our GRC framework also assist companies to conduct market feasibility analysis and provide market entry roadmaps in order to identify potential profit pools and market potential and opportunities in different client segments and different countries.

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Transaction Services

Our advices and different transaction services are tailored to your unique transaction requirements. We also deliver bespoke reports that are prepared by sector experts and due diligence specialists. Our reports provide ideas and useful actionable insights that help your company complete successful deals and transactions.

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Project Financing

We help structure loans with repayment from 5 years to 20 years, with up to 15 years of interest only payment (including grace period if applicable).

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Family Office

We provide yourself comprehensive suite of business solutions to support your family offices and business growth in Singapore and regionally. We take care of your non-core but critical functions so you can focus on generating revenue and growing your family offices and business. 

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Wealth Management

Our team of consultants are experienced in advising clients in the area of risk management, capital preservation, wealth accumulation, business continuity, and legacy planning. 

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Investment Advisory

We can help to structure a portfolio of investment funds according to an individual’s risk appetite, time horizon, and market sentiment.

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